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quibids clone - Online shopping, since the arrival of penny auction is among the most truest blend of fun and excitement. It's got benefited people who love online shopping and enables them have possiblity to buy their favorite products under minimal charge. Thus, penny auction is probably the best online platforms where buyers have chance to purchase goods which are relatively cheaper than those being sold in offline market. Unfortunately, purchasing goods through penny auction sites has now become a potential danger. There are many fraud live sites involved in illegal auctioning practices and swindle money from legitimate customers.

Due to the importance of penny auction sites on the internet, there have come many malicious websites which are involved into dishonest business practices and swindle money from customers. Even customers do not have idea about such sites and so they invest money on them and in the end suffer huge financial loss. There are several internet techniques employed by such live auction websites through which they swindle money from legitimate bidders.

Shill bidding is just one of such dishonorable practices adopted by fake penny auction websites. According to this practice, the live auction owners, with the aid of their friends and employees unlawfully promote bidding wars with genuine bidders. Consequently, the practice leads to abetting hikes in sale of items auctioned thereby giving the site owners chance to extend bidding time to collect more paid bids accordingly.

penny auction script - Another illegal practice called bidding bots involves creating automatic script in to the penny auction sites to create false users accounts that they can use in fake bids. For legitimate bidder, it seems that they are bidding against another individual.

With easy accessibility and chance of winning many fantastic prizes, make live auction site an irresistible delight for most people. This has consequently resulted dominance of several live auction websites including those who run their business unlawfully. Most of such sites don't provide delivery products won by bidders.

Another malpractice adopted by fake penny auction sites is that they infringe privacy and confidential details about registered users such as their debit and credit numbers. Lots of people naturally get interested in those newly created live auctions sites only for the purpose of winning prizes and goods by inexpensive. They don't consider their backgrounds and do not dig out some relevant inputs about the websites. What they think is to win prizes.

phppennyauction - Further, these fake penny sites with their fabricated marketing strategy create such illusions to customers they believe them honest and trust worthy. They give over all confidential information including debit and credit cards information to websites like these. Since, these sites don't make lucrative growth on the net, safety related to infringement of debit card or credit card information to third parties always remain under question. To avoid such live auction scam, you ought to opt for site which allows its users to utilize PayPal.