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Free Annual Credit Report - 3 Reasons to obtain One

Managing your credit report is a very important step in creating wealth in your lifetime. A good bit of it is according to handling your money and credit correctly. Another part though is how it gets reported as well.

Everyone in the US has a credit rating. For some people it's blank. They don't possess a record yet of how they handle history. For many people it could fill a large volume of encyclopedias. The question becomes is the credit rating accurate?

The US government necessitates the major credit bureaus use a copy of the credit history free of charge once a year. That is why you will often hear people talk about the free annual credit history.

It isn't the same as your credit score though. You should understand that your credit rating continues to be tough to determine as each company calculates them differently.

The three major credit agencies are Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Think of them as giant record keepers. They get reports from credit card companies, auto loans, home loans, and other areas. Not every company reports to any or all three. Some will only report your information to 1 or a couple of them.

annual free credit report

You will find three major causes to obtain a copy of your free annual credit history. We'll discuss all of them in greater detail below.

   Identify Theft
   Forgotten Lines of credit

Inaccuracies can riddle your credit score. The systems involved in collecting this post is not perfect. It is very entirely possible that information is reported to the company incorrectly. For example your credit card company can report that you'd a card be placed into collections. It can happen from an employee mistyping information right into a computer program.

It is also possible that someone else's credit has been sent under your identity. I have a friend whose name is the same as her sister in law. They share first and last names but have different middle names. When she visited apply for a loan on a home, they were very confused by her credit history. They lived in various states, had different jobs, and different financial histories. The loan bureaus had mixed them up in places.

It took a while to get everything corrected so she could purchase her home. Getting a copy will allow you to find these errors quickly and obtain them corrected.

Identify Theft is really a growing problem in the world. Getting a copy of the credit rating makes it possible for you to identify out if someone has stolen your individual information. The loan bureaus will show any credit that's opened in your name. By checking it regularly you can prevent this. You can also request that they put a freeze in your credit. Jetski from anyone from opening credit in your name. Just remember to remove it when you get ready to apply for credit.

annual free credit report

Forgotten lines of credit might not sound like a problem but they could be. It's not a good idea to have credit lines floating around. I discovered a couple of store charge cards on my are convinced that I had completely ignored. I'd gotten them after i was much younger and establishing my credit.

I kept the credit lines but requested they be frozen. I did not want to take them off because they would impact my credit rating. I additionally didn't wish to leave them laying around just in case someone got the data and started using them.