The "Big Red Foot" Multi Purpose Ladder with Extra Strong 2-Part Platform

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Multi purpose ladders are something that people who have a number of ladder needs can buy if they are not willing to spend more money on single purpose ladders. Multi purpose ladders can be configured in a variety of ways, so they're much more cost-effective than standard ladders that generally have only one configuration. Some good examples of the standard types are the step ladders and extension ladders. The multi purpose ladder is entirely different, and is the most versatile type of ladder available on today's market. Read on to know more about a model of ladder that we particularly like: the "Big Red Foot" model with 2-part platform.

The Key Benefits of the "Big Red Foot" Model of Multi Purpose Ladders

The fact that this ladder can be used in 13 different configurations is what we like about this ladder. We also appreciate that the quality of this ladder that is far better than its competitors. This model is something that is solid, strong, and safe to use. Unlike brands with lower quality, this brand is not unsafe to use at all even though it sometimes resembles these lesser brands. In fact, this durable product fully conforms to the essential EN131 Part 1 and Part 2. Unlike DIY brands that don't have any certification at all, this ladder is certified for both domestic and trade use. Since it can be used for trade applications, this ladder is also more than sufficient for DIY tasks. The ladder will hold a maximum load of 150kg. When considering the load rating, always remember that it includes both the weight of the user as well as the tools and other materials being transported in the ladder.

Additional Information About the "Big Red Foot" Model with Platform

Once they are fitted with a platform, multi purpose ladders also become more functional than ever. This model has an extra strong 1.5mm thick platform that can be locked securely into place. Any ladder belonging to the same class considers the platform as one of its most important components and the platform on this one is durable and strong. It certainly support heavy loads. Before utilizing the ladder, however, make sure that you have already read all the labels and instructions and that you have a clear understanding of the model. Being aware of the limitations of the ladder is also very important. An extension ladder, a double sided step ladder, a stair step ladder, a painting or gardening platform, a stair platform, as a free standing ladder, and a work bench are just some of the configurations that this model can do. Other features that we like about this ladder is that it won't mar any surface and also prevents slipping because of its durable rubber feet. The feet deliver 100% grip to most floor surfaces. The result is a ladder with maximum stability and safety. Its rungs are also ridged to provide the users good foothold while they are climbing, standing, or descending.

For premium multi purpose ladders select a product from established companies only.