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Playstation 3 Will not likely Learn Disc? The way to Repair PS3 Blu Ray Hard disks

If your Playstation 3 won't go through discs you then have come to the ideal spot. In this article you may learn how to repair PLAYSTATION 3 SLIM Blu Ray driving with step-by-step instructions. Read on to how to preserve $150, because you won't need to send out your own PLAYSTATION 3 SLIM to Sony, along with methods to end up being gaming once more inside under an hour, instead of having to hold out weeks to receive the unit permanent.

In order to resolve your own PS3 kem 400a Blu Ray Drive you will want a pair regarding competently sized, cross-headed screwdrivers; a type of sets which has various sizes will certainly contain the correct one, and you may possibly have one of these telling lies all-around somewhere.

Furthermore, you should have an upgraded laser lens for any Blu Ray generate, and so you will want whether replacement unit commute from which you'll be able to "salvage" your zoom lens, or you can buy online portion range Kes-400aaa.

The actual method for restoring the Blu Ray drive on the PLAYSTATION 3 250GB system seriously isn't many that challenging. You should remove the drive from the unit once disconnecting the power wire and records ribbon, take away that protecting metal casing on the outside of from the drive, subsequently your black coloured menu which protects your delicate laser lens in addition to system itself.

Up coming, unscrew that screws which usually contain the laser lens set up, get rid of the old zoom lens, and then deploy the brand new one. Immediately after this specific, you merely have got to placed everything back along, harley seat your PS3 KES-400aaa KEM-400aaa Blu Ray Drive back spot, get back the slide images bow and the energy wire, and your PLAYSTATION 3 250GB ought to be doing work once more like fresh.