Tens machines explained

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Tens machines explained A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (Tens) machine is undoubtedly an electrical device designed to help treat back, neck, joint or muscular pain along with being used to be a drug-free pain-relief measure during labour.The Tens machine works by delivering small, painless electric pulses via electrodes joined zones of your body. As per the NHS, these electrical pulses encourage your body to produce endorphins and may block pain signals travelling related to the section of pain with your brain.The NHS advises that you should use a Tens machine on condition that recommended to achieve this with your GP or other healthcare professional.Utilizing a Tens machine The best Tens unit usually comprises a small battery-powered control unit designed to adjust the settings and two or maybe more sticky pads, attached to the device via wires. You will have to tape or attach the sticky pads with your body across the areas where you're experiencing the most pain. Consult the product instructions before using your Tens machine.Most Tens units have a digital display and a number of other settings – say for example a massage setting which has a lower pulse frequency, or even a more intensive mode with stronger pulses. An outstanding Tens machine will certainly be lightweight and arrive by using a belt clip to help you to still be mobile while using it.To read more Visit our Website tens unit reviews