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Wearing the hottest hair extensions as accessories can create fullness and or length to hair as well as creating many additional styling options. One of the newest trends in hair extensions is the use of real bird feathers which may be scattered throughout the hair or clustered in one area for a dramatic effect. Another trend which does not rely on human hair extensions are hair wraps which are created from strips of cloths and may include ceramic, metal or wooden beads. Bright pink, purple, red and black or white blonde when placed on contrasting shades create a memorable look. Jewelry including metal accents or sparkly stones may be used alone or with other accessories.

Human hair extensions may be created using various lengths and quality of originating hair. The hair is gathered from donors in many countries including Russian, China, India and parts of Europe. The wearer will have the best results with hair which is naturally the most similar to their own as it will require less processing. The term Remy hair often refers to what is considered the finest hair available from any country it has been purchased. The term though has been misused and determining actual origination may be difficult.

Hair that has never been processed in any way is referred to as virgin hair. Single drawn and double drawn are two phrases that may be used with both Remy and virgin hair. In the case of single drawn hair, the hair is basically as it came from the donor, it will have varying lengths however it should still have the cuticles all going in one direction.