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Secrets on How to Get Pregnant Fast

Have you and your partner started making plans to have your own family? Planning for a family is one exciting and huge step for any couple. One has to consider your compatibility, as well as financial, spiritual, and other stabilities. If all sincere efforts have been taken into account and you and your partner are still unable to produce an offspring, it pays to know a few tips and tricks to know how to get pregnant fast.

Getting pregnant is very hard to force or control. It can get frustrating to see other couples achieve pregnancy effortlessly, and other couples receive the baby news rather dejectedly. Do not be scared, by knowing a thing or two about the truth behind pregnancy, you will find yourself pregnant as soon as you think. Pregnancy occurs when the sperm cell gets in contact with the egg cell released by the male. It takes place during ovulation period, which only happens once in a month (except in cases of irregularity, where some women release two eggs in a month and conceive twins). You have twelve chances to get pregnant in a year. To keep the once a month opportunity from passing, you can try having intercourse each day of the month. While this can work, it can be pretty tiring and time consuming, and of course, this method will only be used if you and your partner agrees to it. The trick on how to get pregnant fast is not by having intercourse often, but by calculating when your ovulation period will take place. Know when your ovulation period will take place, by ovulation prediction kits and saliva tests. You can buy these kits at the feminine care aisle of grocery stores or drug stores. By knowing when, you will be able to have intercourse during the ovulation period to improve your odds of getting pregnant. Another tip is to monitor your pH levels, through the use of saliva tests. The male sperm cells die on an acidic surrounding. Consume foods high in calcium and magnesium. Start taking folic acid, which is important in the development of your baby, even before you get pregnant. Stop drinking, smoking, as well as caffeine. These actions will potentially harm your baby, and will increase your chances of a miscarriage. Eat healthy and be active so that you will get pregnant faster and conceive less painfully. Getting pregnant fast can also lie on the sex position. Have shallow penetration of intercourse, so the sperm ejaculates close to the cervix, making the sperm?s journey to the female egg faster and easier. The most recommended position is the missionary position, with the woman lying on her back. If you and your partner have exhausted all the tips mentioned on how to get pregnant fast, the most drastic method is through a medical procedure called artificial insemination. This procedure is quite costly, but it does give you the child you and your partner always wanted. If you want, the procedure can even give you twins!Source Help Getting Pregnant How to Get Pregnant Quickly: Tips to Hasten your Motherhood Nowadays, the task of avoiding getting pregnant is not as difficult as it used to be with all the available birth control options in the market. However, if you are one who wants to finally start having children, not getting pregnant can be very frustrating and stressful. Scientifically speaking, a woman only has six fertile days in a month in which she can conceive a child. Add up all the other factors that affects conception and fertility, conceiving can therefore be looked at as one of the greatest challenges in the life of a mother wannabe. The challenge of how to get pregnant quickly, however, can be made easier through following some easy tips. The first of these is to stop the usage of any birth control. This may seem like an obvious tip but different birth control methods have various ?readjustment? periods so stopping early on can be a sure way of finally achieving that most sought-after baby bump.

Changing your lifestyle will also be necessary if you are one who finally wants to experience motherhood. Maintaining a healthy diet, weight, and exercising regularly are just some of the tips you might want to practice in answer of your dilemma of how to get pregnant quickly. Keeping your stress under check can also help because it somehow affects the ovulation of your reproductive system if left unmanaged. Another important thing to know is that it is not only you, the mother, who should strive to change into a healthy lifestyle but your partner as well. Having both pairs of healthy bodies can hasten the process of finally conceiving a baby. You might also want to check on a doctor for some pre-conception planning for more precise lifestyle changes as well as to see if you or your partner is taking medications that are just obstructing fertilization. If you are a smoker, then it is time to put a halt in your habit because nicotine negatively affects sperm health and count as well as the cervical mucous.

Some more helpful tips of how to get pregnant quickly is by recording and keeping track of your daily basal body temperature or BBT. Your BBT is the temperature of your body whenever you are at full rest and can be simply checked by using a basal temperature thermometer. Fertility is at its peak point two or three days before an increase of your BBT so it would help if you monitor it using a graph to see some patterns. Using some over the counter ovulation monitoring kits can also be helpful. This method might be a little expensive but it can specifically point out some surge in hormones happening right before your ovulation period. Having followed some of these steps in detecting ovulation, take note to have an intercourse even once on the days before and during your ovulation. Don?t be scared of having too much intercourse just because you think this might lower the sperm count of your partner. Though this might be true, statistics state that couples have better chances of conceiving when they try more often. sources Sources Getting pregnant naturallyFastest way to get pregnant