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Under Armour Golf Necessary Equipment for New Golfers

When people first take up golf, they need less equipment than they may realize. Until you've learned more of the basics of the game, you won't need all the bells and whistles that are available. Until then, you really can't benefit from some of the more advanced pieces of golf equipment anyway. As you pick out your starter kit, keep these important tools in mind.

The first piece of equipment you should buy is a nice driver. The first thing you need to be aware of is that there are some "specialty" drivers which aren't quite certified by the PGA. Along with where you are and what your objective may be as a golfer, this might not be a drawback for you. Different people have different needs when it comes to drivers. On the whole, drivers with flexible shafts allow more distance, however less domination. If you have difficulty with hooks, slices, or rogue balls you may wish to let go of distance for more control by using a steel shafted driver. You should also take a bit of time to investigate the most comfortable shaft length for you to use prior to making your purchase too. This will take some testing to ascertain what the best length is, yet it will be time well spent in terms of lower amounts of back pain after 18-holes. Paradoxically, a golf umbrella is actually a crucial piece of golf equipment. No matter where you play, there are occasional storms. It doesn't matter if you feel you need protection from a little rain or not, the odds are good that your equipment does. Golf clubs are not small investments. It is in your best interest to protect them to the best of your ability. No matter what the shaft material is, the likelihood is good that the club heads are not impervious to rust. An umbrella is a minor investment which will repay you the first item you discover yourself in need of it.

Protective eyewear is another investment you need to make. Many beginning golfers overlook the importance of this piece of equipment. The fact remains that you play golf in elements and in the daytime. Your eyes can become seriously damaged if left unprotected. Additionally, it will be much easier to see where your ball is going as well as where you want it to go if you aren't constantly shielding your eyes from the sun. You'll find many different pieces of golf equipment that claim to be ideal for beginners. Nevertheless, when you acquire these pieces of equipment at the start you'll come to find that there really aren't many other things you need in order to become knowledgeable of the basics of the game. As you skills get better, you can commence at adding new pieces to your inventory for more mixture and potential in your golf game.