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The fourth is to make service delivery transparent through institutionalisation of community police partnership (such as establishment of police station outreach centres). Punjab would be the first state in India to implement community policing at a large scale in an institutionalised manner. It has become possible since the political leadership has had the lead. Around 400 centres would provide counselling services to solve disputes related to domestic violence, dowry and other crimes against women. These would likewise have facility for lodging complaints against police personnel, punjab news paper long with transparent disposal of those complaints.

Run in partnership with representatives of the community, the centres would also provide copies of FIR, untraced reports, no-objection certificates for arms licences, permission for functions, tenant verification, servant registration, etc .

The theory behind all these reforms would be to restore the denied "personhood" across board to citizens, and reinforce the requirement for what Hannah Arendt (1986) referred to as "the right to have rights".

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