TENS Unit Pain-Relief Machines How-They Work

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TENS Unit Pain remedy Machines - The manner they Work

The term tens unit pain alleviation machine is a confusing phrase then it's understandable how people can not easily differentiate a "muscle stimulator" from a "tens unit" to an "interferential unit" or "pulsed galvanic stimulator" or possibly a "micro amperage stimulator". Four of your 5 listed units are in fact meant to be applied of the remedy for chronic and acute pain. On the internet the listed terms are searched on along with the patient often gets some reference to a "pain machine" as a thoughtful solution then the confusion really begins. neck grip

sciatic nerve soreness

sciatic nerve pain relief

back pain relief system

pain relief device

sciatic nerve treatment


sore neck stretches

tens unit stretches for sore neck Of five machines listed alone among those that's not intended for pain remedy is definitely a "muscle stimulator" which must be correctly called an operating electrical stimulator - FES. The function of a muscle stimulator should be to help a private restore function or prevent atrophy to muscles. Any of the listed "pain machines" can literally be adjusted to the purpose that a muscle contraction can easily be elicited but thats not the purpose of a "pain machine". There are basically three methods of controlling pain that each of your pain machines relies upon. Melzack/Wall Gate Control Theory:

This is actually the procedure of stopping the transmission of the pain impulse to the spinal cord for transmission into the brain in which the pain is perceived. The manner of operation is usually to stimulate non-pain fibers meaning the actual pain message will never be transmitted along with the pain impulse will never be transmitted. When that happens the health of the brain will not be given the message therefore there's no pain. In reality though for the chronic pain patient the actual results are less transmissions as an alternative to 100% total cessation meaning pain reduction, not total pain elimination Check out this internet domain for many more useful tips tens unit