TENS Electrode Placement

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TENS Unit Placement - Electrode placement for TENS units

The electrode placement is necessary to be able to get the most result away from a property tens unit treatment (pain relief). The electrodes are placed over or nearby the painful area. If at all possible put the electrode with the black pin over the most painful area since it is the foremost active one. AURAWAVE offers different sizes of electrodes. Small electrodes are preferably used on smaller muscles and enormous electrodes on larger muscles. Before placing the electrodes during your body, be sure you always wash and dry the skin in order to ensure good conductivity. Be sure to only place electrodes on healthy skin. It is best to never place tens unit electrodes closer than 3 cm from each other. TENS machine pad placement

All tens machines should come with a person manual which must contain comprehensive details about the ideal placement of Tens machine electrode pads. Additionally your health care provider must also be able to counsel you in regards to the optimum placement of your Tens machine electrode pads. The details and tens pad placement positions contained within this page are these I found the most efficient in taking care of my lower back pain and sciatica – they may but not always really do the most effective for you.If immediately after weeks you select that you re not getting any pain relief it is worth while trying out one or two different positions of our Tens machine electrode pads. It may also be worthwhile attempting to recreate one or two different programs TENS Pad placement for lower back pain

These TENS pad Placement points are for dual channel machine. If you simply have a single channel machine try placing the tens pads mid-way between the pad positions shown at the diagram. Find tens units on the market online TENS Unit Placement Buy tens unit Here

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