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If you are focused on by means of a SWTOR Bot, you might be quite likely concerned that your account will be banned for having one particular. Bioware likes to employ scare ways to persuade people that functioning a bot can be an automatic ban, but this could not be even further from the fact. The fact within the matter is, most players who bot are rarely banned, and those who are punished are generally applying essential anti-afk scripts or color-checking pixel bots. Not just that, but in many scenarios, the punishment for to be caught botting is just a 1-week suspension, and after that one can initiate enjoying all over again.

Together with the finest Star Wars The Aged Republic bots, these bots navigate intelligently, fight like gamers, speak to npcs, quest, and take a look like common players. These bots are exceedingly smart and very arduous for other gamers to watch. When you've doubtless viewed general macro bots although actively playing SWTOR, you very likely didn't discover the top bots as they behaved identical to frequent players.

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