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Save Marriage-Advice And Information

One of the scariest, and most painful, times in most peoples lives is when they are faced with the idea that their marriage is in real trouble. At that point the only thing you can think about is finding save marriage advice and information.

That is the reason I wrote this article, in it I will provide you with some simple save marriage advice that you can use right now. I'm not saying it will be easy or that it will work for everyone, I am simply saying that these are common sense tips to help you achieve a better, more balanced relationship with your spouse.

If you follow these tips you just may be able to save your relationship and be happier than you have ever been. If you decide that you don't want to follow one or more of these tips, you will have an uphill climb.

Here we go:

1. Few people have the ability to look at themselves and their partner in an honest objective way. No one wants to face their own issues. For this reason, I highly recommend you find a good counselor.

Now, "good" is the operative word here. I don't care how many degrees a person has or how many people said they were great, if you meet with them and you don't feel comfortable with them, they won't be good for you.

2. Honestly figure out what you want. Most people would immediately say "I want to save my marriage". But do you really? Or, do you really just want a relationship where you feel loved, accepted and happy?

The truth is that in some cases, those things may be mutually exclusive. Sometimes the person you are with will never be able to make you feel the way you really want to feel: love, accepted and happy.

Sorry, I know that is not what you want to hear, but we often simply marry the wrong person.

Sometimes the person we are with will be unable or unwilling (and there can be many reasons for this) to give you the love, respect and happiness that you really crave.

If that is the case, and you are honest enough to yourself to admit it, you can save a lot of time and hurt.

3. Honestly now, is your partner really likely to work on making changes in the way they interact with you (assuming of course that you are willing to make those changes too)?

I know many people who are married to emotional cripples. People who are simply too insecure, too selfish or too afraid to admit that they need to make some changes in the way they behave and the way they treat their spouse.

If that describes your spouse, you may not have much luck saving the marriage. You can't do it all on your own.

I know that some of what I have written may not have been what you wanted to hear, and for that I am sorry. But, the fact is that not all relationships can or should be saved.

It's very important that you enter into this whole process (and it will be a process, there are no quick fixes) with the right mindset and with a realistic idea of what it is your really want whether it is to save marriage, be loved, or ideally, both.

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