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Types Of Anti Slip Tape

Non-slip tape is incredibly handy stuff. In many cases though it may be a case that it is absolutely essential for use in your office, retail space or home for various different reasons. It may be because you have a slippery surface. One of the largest causes of broken bones and injuries is, unbelievably, not to do with car crashes or serious accidents but actually due to “simple” slips and trips. If this happens on your property then this could mean you are liable. Likewise, you do not want injury to occur to your clients, employees or indeed yourself so it is essential to always take all precautions to prevent slippage and accidents.

It may also be a legal requirement. You may have been required to improve a surface by adding anti slip tape due to health and safety, a previous accident or simply because it makes sense, such as on stairs or surfaces that my become wet or slippery.

Therefore, if you have started to look for anti slip solutions, you may be a bit confused at all the different options out there. The first option you have is to have a completely new floor surface installed. This can be very costly and could also mean that you have to shut your business temporarily while it is being fitted. This, in the long term can be very functional but there are much cheaper ways of providing a slip-free surface which can be just as effective.

The easiest, most cost-effective way of providing a non-slip surface is to use anti slip tape. Anti slip tape is relatively cheap. It is also highly functional, easy to use and very flexible so it can easily be applied to areas throughout the property with very minimal effort and disruption.

Unfortunately the options do end there though. There are a number of different types of anti slip tape that vary in price and function. The most common type is standard anti slip tape. This normally made from acrylic and creates a good anti slip surface. Depending on the quality of the tape you should get a good level of tack or “stickiness”. This will allow you easily stick the tape down firmly, apply pressure and get a good solid bond that will last for many years.

The second type is photo luminescence anti slip tape. This type of anti slip tape is good for meeting regulations such as the disability discrimination act 1995, also known as DDA regulations. The handy thing about this anti slip tape is that it glows in the dark. This means that not only is the surface non-slip but it also warns users, marks a clear path and is still visible in the dark.

A third type is the photo luminescence hazard anti slip tape. This has additional hazard strips for extra visual safety. This is great for steps or other hazards that may pose not only a slip hazard but also a potential trip hazard too.

It is also common to see a fourth type of photo luminescence anti slip tape that has a luminescence stripe. This helps to provide a good quality non-slip surface but also outlines a path to follow. This is especially handy for slippery outdoor paths or corridors, for example.

The main thing to remember when choosing an anti slip tape is not to delay. For every moment that you have a slippery surface you are at risk. So are your employees and customers. So don’t delay and get your surface safe and non slip as soon as possible!