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Building Relationships By Building Links

backlink solutions can be described as nothing less of an utmost necessity when it comes to attaining a high rank in the eyes of major search engines like Google and Yahoo. If you're looking for some of the easiest solutions for establishing a stable stream of backlinks then you should really check out the process of building links with social bookmarking and give you complete control over this particular aspect of your SEO campaign.

The first thing to keep in mind when building links to a new website is that you need to balance speed with quality. It is possible to create thousands of links in a matter of hours with automation software, but that doesn't mean that these links will actually provide your website with any valuable links that will significantly boost your rankings. At the same time, create every link manually can take a very long time and even though your links may of high quality, you may not create enough of them to get onto the first page of the search engines. The key is to make as many high quality links as possible as fast as possible. This can be achieved through leveraging the efforts of other people. By creating content that is easily shared through social bookmarking services and content aggregation sites, a single piece of content can gain hundreds of backlinks in a very short amount of time.

Being linked on Digg will probably take some time, so pursuing other avenues would be wise. One of those ways would be to have some content that naturally pulls people in. For example, people tend to perceive big lists as authoritative, since somebody who can take a big subject and reduce it to the essentials would seem to know a lot about the subject. (Consider the AFI's list of top films. Only movie experts could decide which films are the best, so when you see their list, you trust that the AFI is a group of movie experts.) Part of building that kind of authority and trust with your users also comes from the quality of the content, so make sure the content is written well, i.e. the content shouldn't have glaringly obvious spelling or grammar mistakes.

Of course, you need not rely completely on others to start link building. Optimizing your site's internal links can also boost your page's rank in search engines. When one way backlinks, little things can make a difference. For example, when the pages on your site point back to the homepage, you should make sure they consistently point to the same URL, because web crawlers treat links to different URLs differently. (Google's spiders treat a link to differently than a link to "".) You can also link to other pages on your site if those pages relate to the content on another page. Websites about the entertainment industry do this a lot. In an article about some director, they'll link to their own reviews of the director's movies, or interviews with the director, etc. Little internal linking strategies like this are an easy, free way to build links.

Articles are the best thing to do. You can get articles written- there are article services out there. You can go to rentacoder, you can go to needanarticle. You can get articles written for you, keyword optimised already and then you can publish them. An important point is that it is better to have these articles keyword optimised, and here's why. First, you might be able to get that article to rank itself off the back of ezine articles. You might get it to come up in the search engine and rank for the keyword you are optimizing for. That's why it's important to have it optimized.

The other reason builds on the idea of link reputation. A link that comes from a page, if that page is on topic, is important. Let's say we had two articles, one on dog's health and one on the best wine. The link about wine is coming from a page about wine, so it is more important. But the real reason is, if you optimize you might get ranked in the search engine and you also might come up higher on the article directory itself. The article directory has its own search features. This can be a key feature of your link building for seo strategy.