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Kochavi commits to helping CGI develop blueprint for disaster preparedness

NEW YORK, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Addressing an exclusive session of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) on Haiti, AGT International's Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mati Kochavi, said AGT was committed to helping CGI revolutionize worldwide disaster preparedness and management by adapting AGT's proven technology to support nations around the world in need of assistance. Mati Kochavi made the commitment in a panel discussion chaired by President Clinton which was also addressed by the Prime Minister of Haiti, Jean-Max Bellerive, along with other leaders of business and civil society.

The fourth annual Clinton Global Initiative, taking place in New York this week, is being attended by over 1,000 global leaders of civic and business life. Included among this year's attendees are US President Barack Obama and over 60 other current and former heads of state, as well as renowned philanthropist, Bill Gates, and a number of CEOs from Fortune 100 global companies.

Addressing the Clinton special session on Haiti, Mr. Mati Kochavi said: "The effects of disaster - the immediate aftermath when lives are lost - are not inevitable. A real-time disaster picture allows managers to make timely decisions on asset and resource deployment. We will work with the Clinton Global Initiative to adapt our blueprint for disaster preparedness - Natural Disaster Preparedness System (NDP) to support needy countries. Our NDP system has the capacity to provide first responders with an integrated real-time picture that will allow them to detect and locate victims and infrastructural damages, avoid impassible routes, and efficiently extricate and treat mass casualties."

"Under CEO Mati Kochavi's leadership, AGT International provides a model for disaster preparedness and emergency response systems that can be used all over the world," President Clinton said. "AGT's commitment to Haiti responds to an appeal I made in my remarks at the opening of CGI 2010, where I identified global disaster preparedness as one of the key areas to be addressed at this year's conference. This commitment will join the $224 million worth of commitments already made this year to help Haiti build back better."

AGT's NDP system provides the situational awareness necessary for responders at various levels to successfully, efficiently and safely perform their necessary emergency operations. Through policies and procedures, the system also ensures that populations displaced from disaster-stricken areas receive the critical support and resources needed to address their physical, psychological and medical needs throughout the period of crisis.

One of the fastest-growing security solutions organizations in the world, AGT has operations on five continents. Led by a unique vision, AGT combines the brain trust of its brightest minds globally with ahead-of-the-curve technology, to unlock the world's potential. AGT partners with governments and corporations to help them predict, prepare for, prevent and manage challenges and threats that arise in complex environments - with services that include urban management, health emergency management, cyber and food security. Founded in 2006, and with sales in excess of $7 billion to date, the AGT network of companies currently has 1,700 employees worldwide.

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