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Bosch Evolution 500 - A Rapid Analysis

For whatever cause, Kenmore has decided not to renew their contract with Bosch. So I started researching their other dishwashers. I was looking for one that gave the same features and was in the same price range as the original Kenmore Elite version.

As described in my other article, Bosch utilizes a tripod-leveling system, which tends to make it much less aggravating to location the dishwasher in position. The front kick plate is removed and also the dishwasher is slid into location. Next, the installer will spin down the front legs, and turn the leveling screw. The average time to do this is less than a minute!

It is important to make sure that the opening this dishwasher is being placed into is 34 inches from the finished floor to the under-edge of the cabinet. Unlike other dishwashers, you aren't able to cut off the wheels if you need that small bit extra. So, measurements are crucial.

All bosch evolution 500 dishwashers have stainless steel racks that are coated with nylon. Nylon is more durable than a rubber coating, which eliminates rust forming at locations exactly where the coating has worn thin. The stainless steel rack eliminates the opportunity of rust creating on a broken tine. Racks can price $100 -$400, so this is a significant cash saver.

This model also has four sets of flip-down tines on the upper and lower rack. The upper rack can be raised or lowered, using the levers located on the outside of the rack. This enables for greater flexibility when faced with different sized items. I recommend buying a model using the levers, since the other models either do not move or have to be manually raised and lowered, which tends to make it a bit much more difficult if needing to adjust the rack while loaded with dishes.

The interior of the tub is made of stainless steel. This assists using the sound control also because the drying of the dishes. It's much more durable than the plastic tubs. Also, if you're preparing installing below granite countertops, dishwashers with stainless steel interiors are the ones that are suggested. The reason for this is because plastic dishwashers can only be installed at the leading, and stainless can be installed at the top or sides. Unfortunately, some contractors will shim or glue your plastic dishwasher into location and this makes it tough to repair.

Quietness is really a major requirement when purchasing most appliances. This specific Bosch dishwasher is rated at 48 dBa. Raindrops possess a dBa of 40. Envision a dishwasher that's almost as quiet as a raindrop!