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Social Bookmarking - For me, rule 1 on social bookmark submitting marketing is to stay active. Through an online presence on social media alone is not nearly enough. You should give the users something, not merely be happy with appearing on bookmarking sites once in a while. That's work you just do for yourself, not in the useful way, but so that you can say: my company can there be.

But it's not just about being there, it's about getting something from it. This can only be done by staying active consistently, by producing, posting, sharing and tweeting informative content, interesting images, and relevant videos.

Social Bookmarking - , nor keep it at that. Also complement this activity by addressing comments, sharing content on bookmarking sites, commenting on other relevant posts and pages, with all the "Like" feature on Facebook, and retweeting. By investing in a few minutes every day, and without making too much of an effort, you will be able to find out very positive results for the site.

And not just that: by sharing your experience with other users, you will also probably learn plenty of useful information. In years past, businesses would have killed to get the kind of free feedback you will get with the Internet.

Social Bookmarking - So, getting specifically into social bookmark creating marketing, you'll be planning to share interesting posts using their company websites, not only yours, and commenting on other people's activity plus participating in communities which target your specialized niche. Try to present yourself less somebody trying to make money, but like a professional willing to offer helpful advice and ready to hear feedback from both experienced and inexperienced users. Both can give you valuable insight to several things, from the layout or colors of the pages to things more linked to your business. Keep your eyes and ears open and also the time you spend on social bookmarking sites will be an investment. So even though you start out with few resources, the info you can gather from the users can set you in front of your competitors.

Social Bookmarking marketing, like any kind of Internet marketing, is focused on the community, at least to me. If you depend on high volumes of traffic exclusively rather than having a loyal band of regular visitors, your income will dry out under any type of SEO related pressure. A lot of companies went down in a few weeks when Google last changed its algorithm. You can defend your business against algorithm changes by continuing to keep a good base of followers who will go to you it doesn't matter what your position in Google is.

Social Bookmarking - Social bookmark creating can be one of the best approaches to accomplish this, not only by engaging other users but by staying updated on the latest news inside your business niche.