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Tawjihicould be the general secondary examination in Jordan, West Bank and Gaza, part of education in Jordan and education in Palestine. Upon graduation, the ministry of Degree, through a system much like that of the Great britain tariff points, transforms the Grades/Marks of these foreign educational programs, into the same marks found in grading Tawjihi students. Nevertheless , even after the equivalency transformation, non-Tawjihi graduates aren't permitted to compete with Tawjihi graduates for public university places. For non-Tawjihi graduates, there is a set quota of 5% of places. Most graduates of foreign programs end up paying international fees to acquire a place in their desired faculty. The explanation for this, is that the quota set for the quantity of seats was decided in the 80's when approximately only 4 schools taught international programs, and the quantity of places allocated seemed fair. In fact , seeing the insignificant amount of foreign program graduates, who applied for national universities, it was. Today, however , almost 25 schools teach IGCSE/GCSE/GCE programs alone.

Some argue how many places is significantly more than fair, and some the contrary. In all cases the issue is a source of much heated debate. Private schools are constantly trying to convince the National Assembly of Jordan to increase percentage. For the anatawjihi.combeing there seems to be no intend to do so.

The ministry of Education claims that it has no problem with increasing the number of places, and it is actually the universities that do not agree. On some level this really is rather true, as universities benefit more by the registration of more students as international i. e. paying international fees.

Still another way to obtain trouble could be the system used to transform exam results of foreign education programs in to the anatawjihi scale, which is really a percentage out of 100. Again, some see the system as fair and actually over lenient with non-Tawjihi graduates, while some see it as unfair. Below is a summary of the requirements for an equivalency of Tawjihi, as mentioned by the British Council Jordan.