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The Dyson Ball Vacuum - A Good Vacuum for Allergy Sufferers

If you're one of the numerous people that are afflicted by allergies in your home like dust, dirt, and dander, then you may dread bringing out your old vacuum that kicks up a bunch of dirt in to the air. There's great news though, the Dyson Ball Vacuum actually expels cleaner air than the air that went into the vacuum to begin with.

The way the Dyson Ball Vacuum is made to Trap Microscopic Allergens

This vacuum uses Root Cyclone Technology to get rid of dirt from the air by centrifugal force. This means no clogging or lack of suction.

Dyson makes a vacuum that uses a washable HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter that traps microscopic allergens. Effective HEPA filtration often requires regular replacement of filters, but Dyson solves this by making the HEPA filter for their vacuums washable. The filter also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This vacuum and does not rely on bags to trap the dust and dirt. It's bagless, and it has a definite bin instead. It is simple to view when the bin must be emptied. Detach the bin and with the push of the mouse the dirt empties out the bottom. This feature helps to minimize connection with dust and dirt.

The air we normally breathe has up to 150 times more bacteria and mold inside it than the air expelled by this vacuum. All Dyson upright vacuums are in fact certified asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy First step toward America.

dyson dc41 animal

Other Highlights from the Dyson Ball Vacuum

Vacuum pressure that sits on a ball rather than four wheels makes for easier maneuverability around household obstacles like chairs, tables, and other furniture. Instead of going inside a backwards and forwards motion constantly you are able to turn this vacuum at 90 degree angles using the turn of the wrist. It saves effort and time in cleaning.

Additionally, it has a motorized brush bar that can be turned on or off based on which kind of floor you are trying to clean. This vacuum may be used on carpet and difficult floors. To get rid of dirt and pet hair from carpets you would turn it on, and for tile, or hardwood you would turn it off. It's as easy as the flick of a switch.

There are several Dyson Ball Vacuum models available: the DC24 Animal, DC24 Animal, DC25 All Floors, and DC25 Animal.