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Wine Labels Explained

What Do The Labels Mean?

There is a lot of details in the label of a bottle of wine, and if you are not a connoisseur of wine it can be a small overwhelming at 1st glance. The majority of wine labels are really related even though, containing information on the winery where the wine was made, the 'appellation' (the country or region exactly where the grapes that went into the wine were grown), the variety (the type of grapes the wine was produced from) and the vintage (the year when the grapes had been harvested}. The strength / alcohol content of the wine is also displayed on the label.

Some added info could appear depending on the country in which the wine was bottled. As an example, wines bottled in the USA are needed to have the name and address of the bottler displayed on the label, along with particular consumer warnings. There are also often some specifics on the ripeness of the grapes, and data about the winery that created the wine.