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PopUps Pal or Enemy?

You need to look a little something up so you type your subject into Yahoo and google. You then choose one of several results that Google provides and click on it. Then you have an unfortunate surprise when the page loads. Instead of being given helpful content that can help you learn more about your subject, you are presented with a pop up. This pop up banner is an ad and no matter how many times you try and shut it down, it won’t close—unless you enter in your e-mail address. Eventually you are so irritated that you just close down your web browser completely. That website owner’s tactics haven’t gotten the best of you!

So many people loathe pop ups—and with valid reasons. They are generally annoying. They intrude on what you happen to be trying to do. The versions that play sound might wind up getting you in trouble with your boss (or someone else in the room). They make extravagant claims. They demand that you enter private information into them if you want them to close. Some even decide to put malware and cookies within your computer systems. There are very few folks who actually enjoy being confronted by these frustrating things and yet, so many Internet Marketers use them. How come?

The serious truth is that IMers make use of pop up ads because they get the job done. They get the attention of the viewer. They help IMers create their e-mail promoting lists. It's been proven again and again that pop up banner ads get more opt ins than a regular opt in box put into the sidebar or even into the body of a web page. They sometimes even provide direct sales. Unfortunately, these ridiculous web pests truly get the job done and, until somebody thinks of something better, most IMers are going to keep using them. Instant Niche Private Label Right Newsletters

Obviously, however that does not signify that the Internet Marketers should continue using them. What is the real value of an e-mail address that you have only gotten through force? Usually what happens is that the particular person just chooses to immediately opt out of your list as soon as they get the first e-mail from you. Can your traffic be of high quality when the majority of it clicks out of your internet site because they are offended by the pop ups assaulting them? Sure you wish to make money, but is this really the best way? There needs to be a better option for someone who wants to make and build an e-mail list to help them sell things.

Simply put, here is the actual truth: if your product or service is worth the money, it'll sell through the copy on your site. Concentrate on setting up a very high quality product so that you don't have to depend on irritating pop up ads to do the job for you. Write a great sales or splash page. Grab the reader's focus after which you can never give it back using just the power behind your copy and site content. The truth is that a web Marketer will only find achievement and profit online if he or she creates something that someone else finds valuable. No pop up banner ad could be substituted to mask the lack of value in a product.