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For youngsters' parties, keep it simple. Have a costume contest where everyone who participates gets a treat and the winner can grab a random gift from a surprise bag. Play some simple games such as for instance Camp Ghost Stories themed bingo or perhaps a scavenger look for Halloween treats. Decorating can be as simple as going to the dollar store and spending just a few dollars to decorate the house with a myriad of spooky and fun things. Even simple household items could be transformed. Kleenexes, cotton balls, a twist tie and a marker could make several small "ghosts" to place across the home along with painting old toys to defend myself against a far more sinister (yet fun) look.

Adults do not stay out of the fun at all on Awesome Halloween Costumes for Kids, and parties for the grown-ups are just as popular as trick-or-treating for the kiddies. Many people enjoy having a horror movie themed party, with every one dressing up as characters from the movie. Some prefer a simple gather and others break out the crepe paper and ghostly decorations for a full fledged haunted house.

Have some Everything Halloween treats and add food coloring to drinks to give them a spooky appearance. Here are several simple recipes for party food that can be enjoyed by young ones and grown-ups alike!