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If you have ever been to Disney World and get wanted to own some sort of timeshare property with accommodating date and resort choices, the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) may be a good investment. Because guests have many options in regards to reserving room sizes, locations and duration of stays, Disney timeshares are popular with singles, families and retired persons. Even better, if you enjoy taking a Disney Voyage or visiting Disneyland within California, vacation club points may be redeemed at these areas, as well as Disney's Vero Beach Resort in Vero Beach destination Florida, and Disney's Hilton Face Resort in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

The commonest way to buy Disney Vacation Club Points may be to attend an open house. This is usually done by visiting one of their informational booths and attending a guided tour. Prospective buyers aren't going to be able to choose which resort they would like to invest in if the resort is sold out. For example, if desperate to purchase points for the Boardwalk or Beach Membership Villas resorts, you will probably need to purchase via the resale market; however, if desperate to purchase Bay Lake Wind generator tower, Saratoga Springs or Animal Kingdom Villas, you may be able to take the traditional purchase route and buy directly through Disney.

Deciding which resort to obtain as your home resort is very important. Since home resort stage holders have priority booking, they can book before other DVC holders. If likely to travel during popular times such as the holidays and summertime, you'll want to make sure you purchase points for your intended resort. If resort choice does not matter, purchasing points for the lowest price is a best value.

Be sure to notice the differences of resort ownership among the various resorts. No matter if selecting a new contract or one to the secondhand market, all resorts can have contract dates that run out. Old Key West, Disney's first Vacation Club Resort, will expire first; however, contract holders were permitted to extend the dates within their contracts, so Old Key West contract dates vary. Also important are resort dues. As a property resort owner, you will be responsible for paying annual dues on your home resort choice, regardless if you opt to stay there or not necessarily. Dues go up on a yearly basis and are paid in addition to the timeshare contract's price. Any time calculating dues, they vary and are charged based on the number of points a great owner purchased at his or her contractually chosen resort.

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