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President Barack Hussein Obama

On November 4th, 1998 a brand new chapter began in the history of the United States when Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th president of our country. This is somewhat historic on several levels. First Mr. Obama would be a relatively unknown having been a senator from Chicago, Ill for under a full term. At the early age of 47 he is your fifth youngest man to be elected for the highest office of the land. Finally and even more importantly he was the first Afro American being the president of the United States. In a time when there still exists racial prejudices his election was an overwhelming testimony to one who is living the American dream.

Federal Deficit - Barack Hussein Obama II came to be on August 4th, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His mother, Ann Dunham was from Wichita, Kansas and the father, Barack Obama Sr. was from Kenya in East Africa. His parents divorced 36 months later in 1964. Just after her divorce his mother married an Indonesian student and in 1967 they moved to Jakarta. Young Barack attended local schools from your age of 6 to 10 in the Jakarta area. In 1971 he returned to Hawaii to live with his mother's parents. His grandparents knew the need for a good education and enrolled him inside a private college preparatory school. He attended Punahou School from 5th grade till his secondary school graduation in 1972.

In 1979 Barack transferred to Los Angeles, California to attend Occidental College. This college can be a liberal arts school and is also located in the Eagle Rock portion of Los Angeles. It was and still is ranked as the top rated liberal arts school nationally and it is also the oldest liberal art college around the West Coast. In 1981 he used in Columbia University in Nyc to study political science and international relations. He graduated twenty six years ago with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He continued his education attending Harvard Law School where he graduated in 1991.

Barack Obama was fortunate that his family put this type of high value on education and imparted the value of learning to him. Growing up biracial was difficult with prejudices that existed then also to some extent still do in today's modern world. Perseverance and tenacity are two attributes that kept him pushing toward reach his full potential whatever they might be. From the time he became a lawyer Obama became involved in community projects and would be a champion of America's freedoms like a Civil Rights attorney in Chicago, Ill. In 1992 Barack H. Obama married Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, they have two daughters; Malia and Sasha.

campaign 2012 - Whether you're staunch liberal democrat or an avid conservative republican it goes without question that Barack Hussein Obama II is living the American dream. Overcoming personal obstacles, striving to attain goals with unlimited possibilities is one thing we all have the opportunity to live for. If you have the desire to achieve and the strength to preserver regardless of obstacles put before you, you'll succeed.