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I'm getting the news out about the Incredibowl i420, and you should too. I really like the team that developed this product. They're always working on innovative methods to benefit the medicinal marijuana community, out of Boulder, Colorado. I?ve done my fair share of smoking throughout the years, only one hit using this baby trumps any bong or vaporizer. The Incredibowl team really did put in the time and effort to produce this spectacular smoking experience. It arrives with two different bowl sizes and also the design allows whatever size hit you want. A bunch of smaller hits let me taste the bud better, or I will just take a giant rip and get my medication all at once. The choice is yours!The Incredibowl i420\'s proof is in the pudding. It took 2nd place in the 2009 High Times Cannabis cup for the Best New Product and 3rd devote finest Glass Category, immediately after Cypress Hill?s 6ft Roor Excalibur bong. The Incredibowl team is serious!I have gone through so many pipes and bongs in my life, spending thousands on replacements. The Incredibowl i420\'s chamber is made from polycarbonate. Yeah, the same material bulletproof windows are created from! You are able to literally run it over and done with a jeep and it'll not break. If that is insufficient, it arrives with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Therefore, even though you somehow manage to break the Incredibowl i420, you will get a different one free! It is cheaper than a bong or a vaporizer and has a lifetime warranty. Beat that!If you are planning to purchase ONE thing this year, I wholeheartedly recommend that you get this amazing, mind-blowing, spectacular, ?holy-shit? inducing smoking device.