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DJ in Calgary - The Playlist and how to trust your DJ to play the right songs. It’s a topic lots of couples struggle with. We DJ a lot of events in the Calgary area which topic comes up a lot with the couples we meet.

Most of our couples are concerned with avoiding cheesy wedding music. I’m talking about stuff like the Chicken Dance, Macarena, or perhaps the YMCA. And most of our couples want to include their favorite songs inside the day. So creating a playlist for the reception seems to make a lot of sense.

We like including your favorite music within your wedding reception. It’s an easy way for all of us to make your wedding personal and different. And it’s meaningful for you when you hear an audio lesson that makes it really feel like it’s every day.

But picking your music could be tricky - and here’s why.

You won’t be capable of force your family and friends to bop to the music you're looking at any more than you are able to force them to have a great time. You may have chosen the best songs, but if your guests don’t respond to them your DJ won’t be able to prevent an empty party area.

As a DJ, that’s concerning the worst thing in the world. So DJs have developed techniques used in dealing with the playlist question. Some DJs will simply allow you to request a limited number of songs so that they still have the flexibility to keep the party going. Other DJs can play anything you want and put the success (or not enough success) of the party in your hands.

We encourage couples to become involved in the music selection. We wish you to tell us everything you like. But if we’re given a really long list of Must-Play songs the dance floor may suffer. It all relies upon the songs on your list. If you maintain it classic, familiar, and easy to dance to everyone are certain to get involved. But if your songs are eclectic or if perhaps your group is extremely traditional the party may not work out the way you expect.

We’ve discovered that it works best to possess a Do-Not-Play list of forbidden songs, a summary of Must-Plays, and a list of songs you’d like to hear. Combining that with our experience and ability to read the crowd we’ll be able to fill your party area. We will play all of the Must-Plays and as many of your other requests as possible while still working and also hardwearing . dance floor packed!

That can bring us to the second part - trust.

If you would like the best of both worlds you should trust that your DJ understands you and your vision for your wedding. Should you don’t have that trust you won’t be capable of let go of control and have confidence in them to do what’s best for your party and then for your wedding.

Calgary DJ

Just what exactly should you do?

First - choose the best entertainer. This is the most important part. You need to feel understood. Speak about how he will handle your request list and what he can do if it isn’t working.

Second - decide what exactly is most important to you. Could it be important for you to hear every song on your list? Or is it more valuable that your guests are receiving a great time and dancing all night long? You can have both, but one must have priority within the other.

Ask your entertainer for his professional opinion on whether your requested music will keep people dancing. He should give you an honest assessment based on his experience. If you picked the right entertainer he’ll be described as a pro - and he’ll be good at what he does. Trust him and take his opinion under consideration.

Calgary Wedding DJ - It is your wedding and ultimately you might be paying someone to be a musician for you. If you need to choose every song that gets played then it's your right to achieve this. The dancing is probably not as good as it could have been though. We choose to talk as much as we have to with our couples in what songs will and does not be played. There's always a way to work in your preferred songs - even the ones you can’t dance to - and keep your guests having a good time.