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We have been often asked by our customers “What are QROPS?”. These are a UK HMRC authorised scheme used for individuals who hold a UK pension and are intending to moving offshore. The QROPS, or Qualifying Registered Overseas Pension Scheme, is a program whereby an individual moves their pension plan offshore into a scheme which have a volume of financial gains and provides larger control to the individual. The primary benefits of QROPS include;

Ability to manage your pension plan in a more tax effective way Reduced running charges More significant Investment Opportunities Currency volatility is removed

The principal downsides of QROPS;

An existing HMRC recognized QROPS scheme can be removed off the authorised list without warning if the HMRC believes that it does not qualify laid down in UK laws. When it comes to Guernsey, 310 out from a total of 313 schemes ended up being removed in April.

There is the potential that HMRC might behave retroactively against QROPS schemes which it has de-registered and the pension holder may very well be held liable for taxes avoided. Nonetheless this as of yet has not occurred. HOW QROPS WORK?

QROPS are registered with HMRC for people who hold a UK pension fund and are trying to shift overseas and become exempt from UK taxes and legislation.

The company that operates the QROPS scheme has to be authorised by HMRC and ought to be qualified and taxed within the country which it is operated from.Once you've been a UK non-resident in almost 10 years after setting up of your QROPS, which you needs to be able to prove. Your QROPS Scheme can stop notifying HMRC of your withdrawals from your scheme and will no longer be subject to UK pension laws.After the Ten year transition period has been completed you could then only be liable to the financial regulators where you are domiciled and where your QROPS Scheme is situated.

How to transfer your QROPS?

As a rule of thumb it will take around 2-3 months to transfer your pension plan into a QROPS. The procedure is speeded up if you can in-cash your type of pension into cash. This is not critical to do. There are actually over almost 1000 HMRC recognized QROPS Schemes, so there ought to be a scheme which can satisfy your requirements.

Schemes are based from Australia and New Zealand to Malta and Gibraltar. It’s important to note that your QROPS does not need be held in the same country that you are domiciled. However there might be taxation difficulties that you may possibly need to take into account with holding it in another country.

Once i die what takes place with my QROPS?

All funds which are left in your QROPS when you die will be passed onto your beneficiary’s and fortunately are not subject to British inheritance taxes.

Significant when establishing a QROPS is that you take professional advice. There are many situations a QROPS isn’t suitable, and plenty of times when they are.