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There is more to it then only a location when you want to learn how to parkour. Everyone loves watching the videos on Youtube where people are jumping from roof to roof, or off roofs, flipping off walls, and other crazy tricks. Take a minute to watch a few of the Parkour Fail videos. It could be very dangerous, and people have died. This is usually because they decide to try to do stuff that their body, or their mind, simply aren't ready for. In order to begin with Parkour the correct way, you'll need to have a strong physical base. Strength, speed, flexibility, agility, and endurance have become important in keeping you safe during parkour training. Nothing will guarantee that you will maybe not get hurt, but believe me when I say that you would like every advantage in your corner you could get. The mental strength can come whenever you progress you skills, starting with the basic principles of course.

about parkour Locating a group to train with can also be very important, and there are a few good reasons for that. To begin with, there is safety in number. If you're out practicing and you get hurt, you need people to be around to help you. This is the reason you won't ever practice Parkour alone. 2nd, the more people that you train with, the more ideas which can be being shared. It is also an effective way to meet new people. There are numerous groups out there. A straightforward search online may help you find one in your area. Facebook is a great place to find area groups.