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Google determines the amount of authority that a site possesses by: The number of visitors that the site receives. The number of incoming links that a site has. The authority of the sites that link to your website. Based on each of those points, what benefits does your Press Release service bring my site?

When your press release / news article hits Google News, your site hits the top of Google News for those keywords and often in Google Search too. This converts to site visitation, which means different things for different websites (new sales / customers / clients, advert revenue, sign-ups, and awareness). Theoretically it should also boost your rankings. A link to your website in the Press Release is a free backlink to your website, further boosting your page ranking. The backlink is from an authority website – that is a website which Google views as a reliable source of content. SEO experts say a backlink from an authority site is worth 100 backlinks from non-authority sites!

Press Release Benefits