Prankster girl 5

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Confessions of a man who saw a girl pissing I’ve often liked girls, and when I say “liked”, I mean it. Watching those beautiful, delicate babes everywhere — in public transport, in subway, on the streets and in other places — I’ve always tried to look behind the scenes and find out what they think about and what their cares are. It’s easy to say if the girl is nervous or not, if she’s concentrated on her thoughts or just trying not to look around. The girl who wants to piss is easily distinguished. She tightens her legs, hides her eyes and looks very strained. However, it’s a big luck to find a girl in really big urge in a public place. But I’ve managed to watch several girls who were in a desperate need to piss and have despised the morality, ducking in the middle of the crowd. It’s still better than pissing into her pants. That’s why watching those desperate, brave and natural girls have become my hobby. Though, it still depends on your luck before all, you can increase your chances to see a girl pissing in the middle of the street if you spend more time outside and visit specific places with no public WC around. That’s where your chances to spot a girl in urge are higher than average. Those shameless babes are easy to see ducking, because they don’t care about public attention or even like it. The first time I’ve seen a beautiful girl pissing in public was when I’ve walked down the street and suddenly a beautiful girl that I was following with my eyes has suddenly gone aside from the street and crouched near the building, pulling her skirt up. The yellow stream started flowing from under her was quite surprising to see, but I’ve managed to stop near the show window pretending to watch the dresses exposed. Though, my eyes were literally chained to this little slut. I’ve watched her until she’s stood up and left. The next time I’ve had a camera with me, so you’re able to watch some of my pissing videos here.