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Prankster girl pissing on the streets

When I was a bit younger, my friends and me were spending nights thinking about another prank we can make. Playing a joke on passers-by was one of my favorite games, and as I’ve grown up, my interests haven’t changed a lot. Though, I’ve found out that erotic side of such demarches has started to tempt me more. I’ve felt myself growing older and my body has become appealing. The very idea of attracting public with my naked body was quite pleasant for me. Public pissing is something I’ve come up with not so long ago, but it has already given me a lot of positive experience and recollection. My first time was in the mall, where my friends often used to gather. Ducking, I’ve pulled my panties down and tried to make my pussy pour, while people were walking around me unsuspicious of what I’m doing. The gurgling, suddenly loud, seemed to be echoed throughout the whole mall, and some of those people have started looking around, trying to find out if there’s a new fountain has worked. However, as soon as their eyes have bumped into me, they’ve immediately put it away. The feeling of invulnerability and liberty has overwhelmed me, exciting and fresh. I’ve felt myself as a perfect prankster, erotic and kinky, playing jokes on everyone around me at once. Later on, I used to pee on the streets and subway platforms, near police stations and in public parks, and it always was as exciting and good as the first time. Some of my best shots and pissing videos are exposed here, so if you’re interested, come and watch them!