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Search engine marketing tacticsSearch engine marketing denotes the combined effects of search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search engine listings that bring traffic to a website from the various search engines. The first thing to understand is that search engine marketing (SEM) isn't just about paid listings. A significant amount of time and energy goes into creating the results that are expected. In the modern Sem profession, most people make a common mistake of denoting any efforts in creating traffic from paid listings to be synonymous to Sem, when that is not true.An important aspect of SEM is using analytics. We have several different analytic tools and some of them in spite of being free are quite good in giving you the insight that you need to run your Sem. Before you indulge and buy a paid package of analytics try Google analytics for free and get a hang of things. With the right settings Google analytics is a treasure trove of numbers and statistics which can help you to focus on your websites goal and optimize your site to achieve that goal.An important aspect of achieving the Sem goal is to study the keywords that match with your site content and then adding them to your account. This is going to take some time and there are tools inside Google analytics that will suggest the keywords that best matches your site content. Being a part of Google adwords, the analytics tool from Google will help you to provide an estimate of how many clicks you can expect from the keywords that you have selected and also your tentative marketing budget.Your Seo may be insisting on an overtly paid listing driven marketing. It is understood that a paid listing is easier to achieve and is there on the search engine results page quickest from the time you start marketing your site. He is not to be blamed as there is a growing incidence of marketers to indulge more on paid listings. Google adwords and before that Overture are to be blamed for the same. The corner stone of Search engine marketing when it first came into existence were content optimization, article submission, Meta tags and other aspects of SEO. With the domination of paid listings things have taken a backseat. A professional SEO will understand aspects about Sem because one is dependent on the other. With changing search engine algorithm it is only a SEO who can cope and alter the approach of free listings suitably to maintain the www organic search results.

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