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Landscaping Companies Offer A lot more than Landscape Design

dallas landscaping People usually speak to a landscaping company for the first time when they want all of their garden or yard done over and they know they are not qualified or experienced enough to find the right kinds of plants, shrubs and grasses. If you choose plants that aren't hardy enough, shrubs that can't withstand local temperatures, or trees that are difficult to care for, you are able to waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your lawn with nothing to exhibit for this. That's why hiring a landscape design specialist is definitely a good idea. They will carefully select trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers which are ideally suitable for your locale, the kind of soil you've, and also the level of care required from you because the homeowner.

All landscaping companies are happy to work closely with you to design your yard, install the plants and even install the hardscaping for patios and pathways, but many disappear once the initial installation is completed. The care and feeding of the garden or yard can be you against that time on. It can be overwhelming, so make sure you're using a landscaper who are able to offer additional services to keep everything healthy and delightful all year round. Ask about the following services when choosing your landscaper:


A garden and yard will be waiting to burst forth with new blooms and soft grasses to tickle your feet, but a long, hard winter and dry conditions can delay new growth by a number of weeks. Your lawn service should offer a spring cleaning service to loosen the soil and obtain your yard and flower beds ready for brand new growth. This might include aerating the soil, adding fertilizers, dethatching grassy areas and much more. Your grass will be greener and be lusher as a result.

Lawn Mowing And Maintenance

Having a lovely lawn is nice, but when you have to spend all of your spare time on mowing and maintenance, you will not have the ability to enjoy its beauty. A lawn service may take care of everything, including aerating the soil, mulching, trimming and, obviously, lawn mowing. Just imagine lacking to bother with taking care of your lawn every weekend! And the best part is that your yard will be cleaner and greener than it's have you been.


It can be tempting to merely lop off branches that are overhanging your home, but you'll end up getting an ugly tree that may not heal properly. Over-pruning or incorrect trimming are two problems you will not have if you let a lawn service look after your trees and shrubs. They will carefully prune larger plants and trees to be able to optimize their health and stability. While trimming your trees, they can also check for disease or other potential problems and prevent small problems before they grow into large ones.


Hardscaping may be the installation of outdoor patios, retaining walls and paths using flagstones, bricks, timber or decorative stone. Not all landscaping companies also handle hardscape projects, so make sure to ask. Ideally, you need to employ a landscape design firm that may install your patio and other features so that the design is really a cohesive whole where the hardscaping and landscaping complement each other beautifully.

When you're ready to overhaul your garden or yard, make sure to select a landscaping company which offers complete lawn service for results you'll enjoy throughout the year.