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Phone Detective Review can be a reverse phone lookup service that enables a user to enter inside a phone number to find out important information like the owners name, address and more.

Why do a reverse phone lookup?

There are many reasons to do this. You might want to find out the source of a prank call, or check out a number that is on your own caller id that you do not recognize. You might want to research a phone number that's on your phone bill or maybe you just want to track down a vintage friend. Another reason people use these services is to see whose contact number is on their girlfriend//boyfriend's phone.

This is just a small list of reasons why one would use a phone look up reverse service.

So why Phone Detective?

This Phone Detective review wouldn't be complete if we didn't tell you the benefits

First it provides a database that you can search that features land line numbers, cell phone numbers and unlisted numbers. Second it provides you with the important information you need. A search will give you, if available, the owner's name, their address, and also the phone carrier.

Third may be the eight week guarantee. If you do not find the information you are interested in or are not satisfied with the service they'll refund your money if it's within the eight week period following your purchase. See website for more information.

And Finally Fourth, the cost is very affordable. You can do a one time look for $14.95 or unlimited looks for a full year for $39.95