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Q. Do I need to invest in a new aid agreement if I switch apps on my Cisco SRE module? A. No. The Cisco SASU agreement connected to the Cisco SRE module addresses all existing and upcoming apps that may operate on that module. Q. Do I want to purchase a new assist deal if I transfer apps from 1 Cisco SRE module to an additional? A. The remedy relies upon on the type of Cisco SRE to which the application is moving and no matter if there is already a SASU deal hooked up to that module. Look at 3 instances: 1. If the Cisco SRE to which the software moves previously has a SASU agreement attached, help for the app would carry on. two. If the application moves from one type of Cisco SRE (for illustration, SRE 710 SM) that has SASU attached to the similar model of Cisco SRE (for instance, SRE 710 SM) that does not have SASU attached, as extended as you notify Cisco about the move a new SASU agreement is not needed. The terms and conditions of the unique SASU deal would keep on to implement. three. If the program moves from one model of Cisco SRE (for case in point, SRE 710 SM) that has SASU connected to a different type of Cisco SRE (for instance, SRE 910 SM) that does not have SASU hooked up, you ought to obtain a new SASU deal that addresses the purposes on the Cisco SRE 910 SM. You can use a credit from the unique SASU deal toward invest in of the new 1. Be sure to inquire with your neighborhood Cisco account consultant. Q. Does Cisco SMARTnet support address spares? A. The Cisco SMARTnet contract addresses each the technique and spares. You ought to notify Cisco, nevertheless, when you swap a part of the router with a spare to make certain continued help protection. Q. Is the Cisco SMARTnet Company protection distinct for method and spare component figures on Cisco SRE modules? A. No. System and spare component numbers are offered with the very same Cisco SMARTnet Provider protection. You ought to notify Cisco, even so, when you change a element of the router with a spare to assure continued support protection. Q. Are multiyear aid contracts readily available for the SRE module or for the programs? A. Multiyear SASU contracts for purposes operating on SRE modules are readily available in 2- and 3-yr renewable terms. Q. Cisco SRE seven hundred and SRE 710 SM and Cisco SRE 900 and SRE 910 SM modules assist industry-replaceable hard disks. Does my assistance agreement cover difficult disk substitution? A. A Cisco SMARTnet Provider deal on the Cisco ISR G2 chassis incorporates components replacement, which includes the discipline-replaceable tricky drives. Q. What is the return-components-authorization (RMA) method for blank Cisco SRE modules? A. The RMA method for Cisco SRE modules follows our normal help recommendations. Guarantee aid is presented by the stage of sale. Clients should make contact with their licensed Cisco reseller or partner for help. Clients who acquired straight from Cisco should speak to us by means of our Purchaser Interaction Community (CIN). Q. What is the RMA approach for Cisco SRE modules with preinstalled apps this kind of as the Cisco SRE 710 transported with Cisco Unity Express? Will the substitute Cisco SRE 710 module be shipped with Cisco Unity Categorical preinstalled? A. The Cisco SRE module will be transported with the back blank. When you be given the module, down load the SRE application, Cisco Unity Categorical in this example, from Cisco Connection On the net and install it on the blank Cisco SRE module. Use the software licenses from the original Cisco SRE module to activate the new app. Q. What is the RMA procedure for Cisco SRE modules with AXP additionally a third-social gathering application this sort of as a Cisco SRE 910 shipped with AXP and Infoblox Core Services? Will the substitute Cisco SRE 910 ship with AXP and the third-occasion program preinstalled? A. The RMA course of action is the similar as described previously however, except or else set forth in supplemental conditions to the Finish Consumer License Arrangement, computer software from impartial computer software suppliers that is applied with the Cisco SRE modules is topic to the phrases and conditions of conclude-person license agreements or comparable contracts provided by the applicable independent software vendor. Q. Can one particular chassis carry a number of SASU contracts? If so, do they all want to have the exact same conclude day? A. Mainly because a chassis can have multiple Cisco SREs, it is needed to order a services deal for every single, but just about every of the service orders can be put underneath a one SASU contract. The service orders can have the very same conclusion day if applied to one deal when buying, even if they are purchased at different instances. Q. Do a number of SASU contracts have to have the similar conclusion day as the Cisco SMARTnet deal on the chassis? A. The SASU contract and the Cisco SMARTnet contract can have the same conclusion date, but they do not have to.