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Flaunt Your Style Sense

Are you edgy, confident, and a trendsetter? If you like displaying your self-confidence through your clothes, you ought to certainly check out the Rock and Republic shoe line! Rock and Republic has turn out to be a name brand by creating unique but comfortable shoes for the woman who knows she appears good and enjoys flaunting a one-of-a-kind appear that matches her personality.

The Consideration-Grabbing Slingback Sandal

If your presence commands consideration, then the Rock and Republic Shyla sandal is a ideal shoe to add to your collection. The Shyla sandal, while not as well wild, demands consideration with its vertical stiletto, strap and buckle sling, and flirty open-toe style. Comfort is ensured for your foot by 3 buckles, promising a safe fit, and luxurious padding for the footbed. This slingback sandal is classy but not quiet, and is ideal for a evening out on the town!

Stylish Booties with an Edgy Kick

1 of the hottest fashion trends right now is the addition of the bootie. The Rock and Republic Leena peep-toe bootie provides an thrilling mixture of coverage and openness for your foot. An additional current trend is to put on footwear in earthy tones, and this suede bootie is offered in an earthy brown or black, with patent-leather detail and two buckles. The Leena is also a bootie with a side-zip closure, making certain facility with putting it on and taking it off, and provides a metallic stiletto to help flaunt tanned and toned legs. If you like fashion that comes with a bit of an edgy kick, you should try to Rock and Republic Leena on for size!

Maintain the Traditional but Add Pizzazz to Your Pump

If youre searching to strut your stuff in a traditional pump with a Rock and Republic twist, appear into the Rock and Republic Kirsty pump. The Kirsty pump boasts patent leather, a round toe, and a 3.five-inch heel. But its the detail of this pump that truly provides it extra noticeable flair. The heel of the Kirsty is decorated with metal grommets and criss-cross lacing, and the black faux snakeskin detail is striking and provides the pump a more modern, edgy appear.

Edgy Trends for the Contemporary Lady

As a contemporary, fashionable lady comfortable in your own skin, selecting your fashion to match your personality is a enjoyable way to discover yourself. If you are edgy and appreciate being a trendsetter, the subsequent time you go buying, maintain in thoughts Rock and Republic Cosmetics. Rock and Republic provides traditional shoes with modernized and funky details to add pizzazz or spice to any of your trendy outfits!