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What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmark creating is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search and manage bookmarks. It is popular among people with affiliate products as it drives traffic & back-links to the website.

Bookmarking sites allow you to do 2 main things:

· Manage the bookmarks on-line, where they could be accessed from any computer. · Conduct searches for information based on other's findings rather than search engine's.

Why to use Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking gets very popular with the Web marketers. In addition, of creating brand awareness and increasing profit, social bookmarking have other benefits too like -

· It could be accessed from anywhere & everywhere · It can make it easier to search data as it is organized and categorized by the user · It allows user to look data, which are not necessarily listed in search engines · Search is manufactured easier as it facilitates power to tag web page / site · As user voting plays a huge role in getting a high vote, chances of appearing in search results are increased · Social Bookmarking sites have the natural links i.e. if people much like your story, chances are they will publish it within their forums, blogs etc. along with your website URL. Hence, your website will get the natural links.

Need for Social Bookmarking from SEO viewpoint

From an Internet marketing perspective, this is useful because it drives traffic to a web site in two ways:

· Direct click-through from your social bookmarking web sites. · With the search engines, as links from social bookmarking sites will help raise your search engine rankings.

Popular Social Bookmarking Sites

· Delicious

Delicious can be a Social Bookmarking site' which was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. Delicious has a lot more than 3 million users and 100 million tagged items. It allows user to tag his stuff as well as find other people's stuff. User can be provided with an option either to set his bookmarks to private or public. Public book marking is visible to everyone whereas private bookmarks are visible to people who are in your network. Delicious can be a free site and can be used by anyone who has an internet connection

Reasons behind Delicious's popularity

. Make it easy to share resources with peers, friends & others. . Permit you to quickly bookmark the web pages. . It gets simpler to submit your links to a web site, blog, Facebook, etc. . Keeps your content focused on much of your topic, which helps you to effectively brand yourself. . Uncover more cool links as if you already have.

· StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is the Internet's only web discovery service which allows people to discover great websites recommended by others concentrating on the same interests. It was founded in 2001, located in San Francisco and backed through the same investors as Google and Facebook. Greater than 20,000 advertisers are employing StumbleUpon to promote products and services. It's more than 7.4 million users and receives 425 million recommendations each month.

Reasons behind StumbleUpon's popularity

. It rewards the most effective article. . It does not ban the very best sites. . It has more positive pages. . It allows more diversity of interests. . It is easy to use and has better quality of comments.

· Reddit

Reddit can be a social bookmarking and news site. It had been founded in 2005 and is also based in Boston, Massachusetts. It allows users to submit articles, vote in it, as well as get engage in discussions. From SEO perspective, Reddit can prove to be a vital site as the article / websites voted as much as the front page usually be given a great deal of traffic and may easily see over 10,000 visitors inside span of a day.

Reasons behind Reddit's popularity

. It offers more transparent results. . It allows popular stories to keep at the top of the front page for a longer period of time. . Reddit's new restricted feature allows anyone to view the content, only invited members can submit, comment, or vote. . It's got greater homepage personalization

How you can increase number of repeated visitors

Here, are ideas to increase traffic and quantity of repeated visitors to your site.

· Set your goals - It's mandatory to keep in mind most of your focus. Know the right section to publish the article offering educative content. Also be sure that the title you select is captivating and exciting, in order that the visitors are compelled to go to your site. The article should be meaningful and precise.

· Offer high-value content - Ensure that the content you stumble is of high-value for that users to spend time on your own website. Avoid spamming in groups or forums as it may bring huge traffic in the initial stage but after sometime, it could simply fade out.

· Advertise your brand effectively - It is important to make it look informative as well as appealing.

· Bloggers are already at it an average of 3 years and are collectively creating near to one million posts every day

· Update the site frequently - We generally visit sites that offer a wide range of information on everyday. Hence, one should always update this content to build users curiosity about the business. We generally visit sites offering a wide range of information on regular basis. Hence, one should always update this content to build users interest in the business.

· Build relationship - Send the right stumbles to your friends. Respond to the stumblers who rate your articles positively through discussion groups, help forums and inbox.

· Require Feedback - Make it a habit to ask for the feedback from your readers. Take comments and suggestion seriously and constantly strive to improve the quality of your content.