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article summary: On the afternoon of February 28, users microblogging broke the news that has starred in the "Kung Fu Wing Chun" actress Bai Jing in their residence by their husbands Zhou Chenghai assassination died, Zhou Chenghai subsequently committed suicide. Another netizen claimed that Bai Jing killed because of the desire to take over after the three upper small Zhou Chenghai possessions. The movie network connection Bai Jing university students nursery rhymes, the publicity has confirmed the death of white static. According to reports, nursery rhyme after receiving this bad news can not believe this fact, the mood is very low. In addition, the movie network to call the general manager of the the whistleblowers Dragon Arts Entertainment Limited giant Jubilee, but the phone was switched off. In opera performances Head of Hao Rong Jieshao, Bai Jing's husband is a successful person.

Bai Jing and Zhou Chenghai wedding (Source microblogging)

February 28, insiders broke the news said the young actor who starred in the movie "Kung Fu Wing Chun" white static in the morning of the 28th was her husband Zhou Chenghai assassinated by white static exposure with her husband's wedding photos.

Bai Jing wedding will be held in October 2010 with her husband Zhou Chenghai, where drama students, Zhang Xin Yi had their wedding photo is from Zhang Xin Yi microblogging. Tang Yan, a classmate, Bai Jing, Sun Jian, although not to the scene, but said the couple was very affectionate.

Another source said that the white static of her husband Zhou Chenghai is indeed worth more than a billion millionaires, more than a dozen real estate. Bai Jing Zhou Chenghai's second marriage, his own after a divorce have a son. The two had married the mother of Zhou Chenghai strong opposition, but Zhou Chenghai not marry white static and eventually they married in 2010.