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Marriage Quote-Find The Best Words To Say

It often falls to the best man to make a toast at the reception. Sometimes, this can be very stressful for the best man, it can be intimidating to find just the right words and to have to stand up in front of a lot of people and recite a clever marriage quote.

But, where on Earth do you go to find the best marriage quote for your friends and the occasion? There are many places you can go, but for most, it might be best to go to your own thoughts and feelings.

Personal is always best for such an intimate occasion. So, if you can come up with a toast that captures the love and affection you share for the couple, it may be the best toast you can give them.

Make sure you clear your throat before you get up to make the speech not during it. Talk slowly and not too loudly. Talk clearly. So many people sound like they have a mouth full of food when they speak, that is annoying for everyone involved.

Here are some specific tips you can use as you come up with your toast:

1. First of all, your toast should start with a sincere congratulations to the bride and groom. Of course, include their first names. Make sure you speak up and if you have a microphone make sure it is turned on.

2. Add a short anecdote about the couple. Perhaps the first time they met, or the first time your friend introduced you to their future spouse. Whatever it is as long as it adds some personalization to the occasion.

3. Go online and search for a poem, quote or Bible verse that you think fits the couple and their personality and relationship. If you can find something appropriate you can include it in your speech.

4. End your toast up with sincere good wishes for the future and all the opportunities it holds for them. If you have any, offer some words of wisdom to help them weather the inevitable storms they will fact during their life.

5. Remember, everyone wants to spend time with the new couple so don't take too long in your speech. Limit your speaking time to just a few minutes so that everyone can eat, dance and spend time with the new couple too.

There is no real right or wrong, it is more important that you give a speech that lets everyone know how happy you are for the couple and that you love them and wish them the best. In effect, you are the one who is saying what most people in the room are thinking.

Just don't get too carried away. Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum before giving the speech and even if you and the married couple have a racy sense of humor, this is not the time for it. You don't want to irritate or offend anyone and ruin the event for them.

Making a toast or speech as the best man, or maid of honor is an honor. If you can include a moving and relevant marriage quote that is just that much better. Ources Best man speech Wedding Speeches Best man speech