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We like to keep you up-to-date with how Angry Birds is coming to every single platform imaginable, from legitimate operating systems like iOS, to Kinect, to cakes, to human beings. Now, if every single part of your life isn’t yet plastered head-to-toe in Angry Birds paraphernalia, you can add these Angry Birds USB flash drives to your insane — I mean, dedicated — collection.

The drives come with a 4 gigabyte capacity, and the USB stick slides in and out of the, ahem, body of the birds and pigs. Yes, the entry point is in the “base” of each bird. Their choice of words, not ours. Listen, we didn’t make the design choices here. If you’re cool with said design choice, and also cool with spending around $26 on a 4 gigabyte Angry Birds branded USB drive, head on over to EMTEC and get ordering.

USB Angry Bird 4GB