Overview of the NOOK Present Card

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NOOK present cards offer you the opportunity purchase as numerous books as possible on the B & N and some other websites . You'll have the ability to have accessibility to as numerous books as the amount on the NOOK card permits. It comes in numerous denominations. The amount on it determines the amount of books that you will can access through the gift card.

You could not be able to start buying books with the card right from the moment which you get it;since you will still need to go through some important procedures. Through this article, I will be taking you through various steps that you require to follow in order to receive your card.

Step 1

This incorporates the addition of the kindle gift cards to your account. You could possibly get this done by visiting the NOOKbook site and visiting the "manage your account" page. Every time you make a buy, you're initial charged from the amount on the NOOK card. It's only at the end the amount on it's spent that you will be charged from your main account.

Stage 2

You can now begin your spending spree. Visit any Barnes & Noble NOOKbook stores either on your computer, on your NOOK 3G or on your mobile gadget and order for any book of your interest. You must be aware of the truth that you may not make use of the card for any type of subscription. You can only use it for single issues of books, magazines and newspapers.

Stage 3

Once you must have made a selection of the ebook which you will love to purchase, you can then go ahead and make a buy. This is done by clicking the "Buy now" tab. As I mentioned earlier, you are charged from the present card first. Then any other charges are transferred to your account after the amount on the present card is completely expended.

Beauty of the kindle gift card

The NOOK present cards come in various designs. They're also developed to represent various forms of celebrations. You can get present cards designed for those celebrating birthday. If you wish one for the goal of expressing your appreciation to somebody such as, you will without difficulty locate it too. There are several which are also designed for those people who are special to you not to mention others which are developed to express certain feelings like gratitude, love and appreciation.