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Can you do this twice.

Hello all, this is John.

You probably found this site because you were looking for a way to get a free iPad. Well, not only have you found a way…

You’ve found the best way.

We’ve gone through a lot of hassle over the years trying to get free electronics from various sites, and we’ve gotten it down to an art. So we know what we’re doing.

Viewers from the USA can go here now to sign up for their free iPad. Ok, so you’re not from the United States?

Everything that I will be teaching you about comes from the research that we have done here at myfreeipad.us.com. In the past we have gotten other free products, such as TVs, video game systems, and iPods. Now we have figured out how to get you free iPads.

Since you’re here, I’ll bet that you get as frustrated as we used to when new electronics come out. Of course they look all pretty and shiny and you’ll read all about how well they work and how great they are. The problem comes when you look at the price tag. Electronics rarely get any cheaper, just newer, and they come out pretty often.

This was a problem a decade ago, but it’s only getting worse with the economy. It doesn’t seem to be affecting the companies that sell you products, but it hurts your wallet when you want to buy them. You’d like to keep up to the current generation, but that difficult. When you look at a computer you bought a year ago and compare it to what you could get for that money today, you feel like you’ve been cheated.

What can you do?

You figure out how to get them for free, that’s what. And that is what this site is for: getting your iPad free.

Ok, but is it actually possible for me to get a free iPad from here? The simple answer is: yes! The process outlined on this site has proven itself again and again as a way to get free things online. We will be detailing the process for you in simple, easy to follow steps. They’re so surefire that major news networks have reported on the process, such as Fox News, CNN, and BBC. So go ahead and follow the steps and it won’t be long before you’re opening a brand new iPad! Whether or not it’s worth buying, it doesn’t matter since yours will be free.

“This must be a scam!”

Nope, not at all. All we’re doing is taking a process that many find mysterious and confusing and simplifying it so that you know what you’re getting in to. Once you understand what you’re doing and where the free iPad comes from, you’ll have to admit that there’s no reason not to go through with it.

Finally, for your benefit: The Steps!

Step 1: Sign up for this program to get you free iPad This is a really simple thing to do. Just follow a couple steps on the site and you’ll be on your way! There are different sites to use depending on where in the world you are.

USA – You can get your Free iPad here!

Canada - This is where you want to go!

Anywhere else in the world–click here!

What you’re going to want to do is click on the link that’s right for you, then enter a valid email address. You will also need to enter some other information. Make sure that it’s all valid, since they can deny you your gift otherwise!

You shouldn’t worry about confidentiality, because these sites are secured. If you are worried, you could read their privacy policies, but rest assured that they will not sell your information or send you any spam.

There are some simple rules you should learn and follow before you begin. The reason some people think these sites are frauds is that they don’t follow these simple rules and they don’t get their free gift. They will figure out if you are trying to cheat them, so don’t! The rules are simple, so follow them and you’ll get a free iPad!

The rules: As you sign up for the site, make sure that all of the information you enter is real and accurate. You will be referring others to complete offers. Make sure that they use a different computer in a different house when they sign up. The same goes for any public networks–you can’t both sign up in the same library, school, office, or coffee shop. The people you refer shouldn’t even log in on your home computer. Don’t get people to do the exact same offers as each other. If everyone did the same ones, it would look suspicious. Do not try to game the system by referring yourself. This will not work even if you use proxies (there is no reason to use them at all!). Don’t sign up for the same site more than once. The same goes for all of the offers–you can only do each offer once. Don’t cancel any trial offers immediately. Try them out for as long as you are comfortable. Whichever site you go to, read their Terms of Service! This is just to double-check that you aren’t doing anything wrong. Basically, do not try to cheat the system. Even though getting something for free already feels like cheating, that doesn’t mean you can break their rules.