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A lot of people use harsh chemicals to learn how to get rid of fleas in their house, on the cats and in their yard. These chemicals are very toxic and can cause serious infection or even death if not used carefully. These are the same pesticides which are used to spray the crops. You most likely aren't aware of the dangers of those pesticides, but there is an alternative solution. Maybe you've been wondering how to get rid of fleas naturally and didn't have any idea where to turn.

There are natural how to get rid of fleas of these nasty creatures that do work. Fleas create a host of problems for your cats. They get tapeworms from grooming themselves and ingesting the fleas which can be another problem causing them to get sick. It also causes weight loss, vomiting and anemia. The fleas attach themselves to your cat's skin and suck their blood after which they produce more and more fleas. You can find literally hundreds if not thousands of these parasites in your cat's skin. Imagine how you'd feel with little bugs crawling on your own skin biting you every second. It is extremely miserable for your cat

Use a flea comb to check always your cat for fleas. Set him on a white towel or paper towel and if the dropping looks like black pepper, your cat has fleas. Cedar Oil is an natural product and will kill the fleas. It's harmless to your cat. You might need to use it two or three times how to get rid of fleas but it is really worth it. Be sure you dilute the cedar oil per instructions. Lightly mist your cat all over and comb the cedar oil through with a flea comb to spread it out.