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Playgroup Management for Moms - playgroup

Years past, children went “out to play” or even a friend “invited them over” and Moms either said yay or nay. But life would be a bit less hectic then; there was no computers, cellular phones, information highway and/or not as many Moms at work outside the home. It is a real different world now, and busy Moms may use the internet management skills for managing children’s activities, sharing and exchanging parenting information and scheduling events.

When a Mom signs up as a playgroup, she is automatically the administrator, and may now invite others for the group. She can share admin duties if she wishes. Her group may have a central dashboard for many members to view, and there's no limit to the variety of members a playgroup might have. The playgroup will contain a roster of members, schedule of events, responses to invitations as well as the ability to broadcast emails to the entire group at the same time. does not charge because of this service, just offers a user-friendly website that allows organizational functions and management tools to maintain track of children’s school and social events, mother’s meetings and knowledge exchanges, plus the capability to flip back and forth between multiple playgroups easily.

Personal information is secured and only shared by people in a particular playgroup. There is also a spot to upload and share photographs and a message board, run inside the typical internet style that most people are familiar with. By setting up accounts for all your children’s activities, you can preserve everything organized instead of posting multitudes of paper about the refrigerator. This system keeps emails at the very least the traditional way, that you can easily connect with all parents at one times.

Once you have set up your accounts on, you can also share with both social networking groups Facebook and Twitter. Stay organized and connected!