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The very first step in completing your air conditioning installation procedure is always to totally read through the manufacturers manual. You will need to be trained and certified in handling the refrigerant or coolant or you may need to contract with a person to do this step. air conditioning Flintridge Furthermore in case you are not an electrician it's always best to have a skilled complete this step so you don't end up wasting time and cash later when the developing is inspected. Should you need to acquire any permits make sure to do so prior to beginning the air conditioning installation.

Place the internal unit inside the plenum above the furnace as per the producers directions. Attached the suction line which will carry the moisture among the inside unit as well as the condenser on the outside. At this point the high voltage connects need to be made by a professional electrician. You can find also low voltage wires that can need to be connected, these could be completed by the electrician or by the homeowner as per the air conditioning installation guidelines supplied.