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The iPhone 5 is a favorite topic of speculation. Since the introduction of the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 expected, the rumor mill held. As always, Apple infecting all the details, but sometimes really say about the new iPhone model to the public. How much truth in these rumors, in fact, seems to be only on the idea that the iphone 5 It is expected this summer or fall 2012. The latest rumors about the iPhone 5 will become the new flagship model of Apple. Even though many have-want-feeling is stronger than the magic experience of the Community budget, the price is still a big factor. Regarding the rumors about the cost of the iPhone 5, there is disagreement.

The colleagues estimate that 5 iPhone costs about the same as the current iPhone 4S be. It can also be slightly more expensive, but the relatively high price of 629, - EUR for the 16GB model is not iPhone 4S drop too much weight. The reason for this speculation, the fact that the iPhone 5 Although improved technology and the iPhone 4S, the production is set up for multiple items is reduced. For example, it should be possible to set the price is relatively stable. Total other information from a reader said that He estimates that the iPhone in May 1000, - € will cost. The Informant was in contact with Apple employee and also showed that the iPhone 5 is a 12 MP camera will be - we must not surprising. Regarding the price, of course, is whether the price for base model (16 GB) or the best model (64 GB memory - when we have the fact that it will be like the iPhone 4S back, these three variants) is. But for the 64 GB model 1000, - €, of course, a lot of money - and some are to be preferred in this price range are looking for a place. So far, all this speculation, of course. What do you think the iphone 5 preis will cost you 5?