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When you have been the vicitim personal injury crime of an act of crime or violence, you may be able to claim compensation. The offender does not have to have already been caught and prosecuted for you personally to claim for compensation, you are usually entitled to compensation if: If the crime happened within the past 24 months. Nevertheless , cases of abuse may be considered over this time around period. You have been injured physically, mentally or psychologically as a result of a violent crime. If a person in you immediate family has died as a result of a violent crime, as an example your spouse, parent, wife or daughter or son. If you were a witness to a violent crime and later suffered psychological injury and had to receive counselling. Physical and/or psychological injuries are graded according to their severity. Relatively minor injuries, such as for example scratches, cuts and bruises wont qualify for an award.

Nevertheless , if your vicitim personal injury crime has suffered a combination of minor injuries resulting in numerous visits to see their GP or perhaps a medical establishment, received treatment and the injury has lasted more than six week, they may be entitled to claim compensation. Every case is different. In England Scotland and Wales, the minimum number of compensation you can expect to receive could be £1, 000, moderate to severe injuries can be up to £500, 000 compensation, dependant on the severity of the injury/injuries sustained.