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Find Fitness fitness schools in america and Canada. In less than a year's time, candidates enrolled in personal fitness trainers schools can earn certification to become a professional personal fitness trainer either for purposes of self improvement, or to coach others to become better physically equipped for general health and wellness.

General studies in personal training fitness schools involve education in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology, and axioms of business. Typically, hands-on instruction in personal training fitness schools entails healthy dietary directions, workout program design, personal training, calorie burning and how food fuel is employed for energy; supplements, vitamins and minerals; energy balancing, muscle testing and analysis of both upper and lower extremities, and various massage fitness training practices, amongst others.

While personal training fitness schools vary in course duration, broadly speaking many of these health programs are approximately 250 hours in total, and cover CPR and first aid as a basic part of the education.