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Though broadly expected, as it happened, there was no iPhone 5 in 2011 right after all, but the firm did announce the iPhone 4S. However, the new iPhone 5 is nevertheless on the cards - we're expecting it to debut in the middle of this year. So we have gathered with each other all the most recent iPhone 5 rumours and rounded them up below.

The 4S is the mobile phone that appeared when the whole environment was seeking ahead to the iPhone 5 anyway, so make up your very own head whether or not to make the jump to Apple's latest now or save individuals pennies for the iPhone 5 iphone 5 preis release.

Stay up to date on iPhone 5 with our in-depth coverage Given the pattern of Apple's iPhone launches, we're expecting the next-gen iPhone 5 to debut in mid to late 2012. We reckon it really is most probably to be demonstrated off at Apple's Throughout The World Developer Occasion (WWDC), which usually takes location in early June. Rumours that we noted on 18 October declare an iPhone 5 release date of Summer 2012. Analyst Ashok Kumar claimed that the absent iPhone 5 was meant to be the huge announcement at the recent occasion wherever the iPhone 4S was launched. We also reported in February that the new iphone 5 preis ohne vertrag would be launched in October, falling into line with the very same launch routine fromiphone 5 preis mit vertrag last year, and Macotakara 'sources' confirming the Cupertino brand name would be honouring the same upgrade cycle from now on.